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Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists with experience in autism in adults


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Doctors psychiatrists
experienced in Autism and AuDHD*
(including adults)

These doctors can prescribe medication and provide a formal diagnosis of autism. The doctors listed below are recommended as having experience in diagnosing autism in adults.

*A person who identifies themselves as AuDHD means he has both ADHDas well as autism. Both ADHDas well as autism are forms of neurodivergence.
They have some things in common, but there are also differences.

FEATURED Psychiatrist

Dr. Iulia-Mira Milea-Cârmaciu


Dr Cosmin Ungureanu

Psychotherapists and clinical psychologists experienced in Autism and AuDHD*
(including adults)

These professionals can conduct psychotherapy sessions for Autism and AuDHD. However, only psychiatrists can provide a formal diagnosis of autism

Psychotherapist Gabriela-Camelia Georgescu

Psih. Andreea Mădălina Simion

Psychotherapist Andrada Stanciu


Psychotherapist Alexandru Mihail Simion

Psih. Crenguța Belegan


Psychotherapist Alexandra Păcurar


Psychotherapist Camelia Ruxandar


Psychologist Silvia Colu


Psih. Giancarlo Cristea


Psychotherapist Teo Cristea-Mocian